About Us



  • the ultimate concierge for those who yearn the enchanting experience of sailing amidst luxury.
  • a state of mind that encapsulates the ocean, islands, and tropical breezes treasured from the bow of sea-vessel sophistication.

Our Commitment

  • Our charter industry knowledge combined with an unwavering dedication to outstanding customer service allows our discerning clientele peace of mind as they navigate the waters of endless yacht charter opportunities.

    With a dedication to professionalism, transparency, and personalized service, our entire team at Yachtisea is committed to earning your trust in becoming your personal concierge in crafting custom yacht charters. We promise to unlock the boundless possibilities of the world's oceans for you and your guests.

What sets us apart?

  • We realize there are many brokers to choose from and while you have many great choices, one distinct difference compared to many other brokers is that the team at Yachtisea has been on all sides of the yachting industry.

    From yacht charterers to yacht owners to yacht charter brokers, we’ve gained valuable insights along the way. Our journey has come full circle doing what we love, making luxurious seafaring dreams come true.