Your First Charter?

We’re excited for you! This vacation will be like no other before. While there is much to consider in setting sail on your first adventure, we’re here to make this an enjoyable and rewarding process for you. Here’s some basic information to get your feet wet:

Determine your preferences
Determine your preferences: What type of experience are you looking for; a relaxing cruise, an adventure-filled journey, a romantic hideaway, a party-themed get after it outing.
Choose your destination
Choose your destination: Decide on the location for your yacht charter. Our Destinations tab provides the most popular destinations worldwide with highlights about each location.
Consider your budget
Consider your budget: Consider all costs; the charter fee, crew gratuity, spending money for island time and any dinners off the yacht.
Booking Process
Booking Process: It’s easier than you think. Reference our Booking 101 for all things booking.
Contracts and Agreements
Contracts and Agreements: Be sure to review all contracts and agreements carefully. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment schedules, and any other terms and conditions.
Communication with the Crew
Communication with the Crew: In the weeks leading up to your charter, the crew or charter company will send you a pre-charter information package. This package could include:
  • Contact information for the captain and crew
  • Itinerary details and suggested activities
  • Information on provisioning and food preferences>/li>
  • Safety guidelines and procedures
  • Any necessary travel arrangements or logistics
Itinerary Planning
Itinerary Planning: You will collaborate with the captain and crew to plan your itinerary. They will provide suggestions based on your preferences and the best places to visit in your chosen destination. The beauty of a yacht charter is flexibility. It’s your charter and your crew will want to make the itinerary perfect for you and your guests.
Provisions and Supplies
Provisions and Supplies: You will provide your crew your food and beverage preferences which also includes any food allergies they need to consider when planning your provisions.
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance: We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance that covers unexpected events, including trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend a quality and proven travel insurance company such as Generali.
Payment and Gratuity
Payment and Gratuity: Ensure you understand the payment schedule and methods. Be prepared to pay a deposit upfront with the balance due before the charter begins. Regarding crew gratuity, this varies by region but falls within the range of 10 to 20%. (Ex: 15 to 20% in the Caribbean and 10 to 15% in the Mediterranean)