Your Packing Guide
  • Swimsuits; as a general rule, we like to suggest one for each day of your trip. You can minimize this number if you’re diligent with drying your suits topside.
Flip Flops
  • Flip Flops; bring these to easily go ashore in, and of course any other shoe that you need for special excursions but for the record, the barefoot rule will typically apply. The barefoot rule for yachts and boats alike is an age-old practice made to keep the teak decks undamaged, and dirty soles away from the clean and sparkling floor. Commonly, shoes stay outside the cabin, and no shoes are worn on deck. In each case, the crew will provide a basket either at the end of the gangway or outside the salon door for you to deposit shoes.
Dry clothes for dinner
  • Dry clothes for dinner/evening; your crew will turn themselves inside out at dinner time so we always give the suggestion to bring some comfortable but nice clothes for dinner (besides, there are always pictures captured at dinner time so why not look great!). Another tip, we suggest asking the crew for a one hour “heads up” before dinner for ample time to get out of the suits, shower up and get dinner pretty.
Non-Spray sunscreen
  • Non-Spray sunscreen of choice. Due to the ever-changing laws regarding products used at sea, it is good practice to buy reef-safe sunscreens. Ask your crew to be sure for specific details.
Soaps and hair products
  • Soaps and hair products; unless you’re particular, don’t worry about shampoo, conditioner, or body soap as chartered yachts will provide. Bareboat charters would be the exception. Check to see if your yacht has hairdryers on board but remember, “Yacht hair-don’t care!” is absolutely accepted.
Light sweatshirt or jacket
  • Light sweatshirt or jacket
  • Sunglasses that are polarized, and Croakies to help keep them safe and secure
  • Hats are a nice break from the sun
Foldable bags
  • Foldable bags Be sure to tell your group to pack in soft, foldable bags (ex: duffle bag). Can you imagine trying to find room for 8 large suitcases on a boat? Any GoPros, personal snorkel and scuba gear, should you prefer to use your own (most yachts have ample stock of masks and fins). Ask your crew for what is provided and whether it’s worth it to bring your own.
Dry bag
  • Dry bag; large enough to hold your sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen, perhaps a beach towel or t-shirt bought on shore. A note about clear dry bags- safety becomes a concern when people can see exactly what is in your bag.