Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the best place to charter?

When choosing a yacht charter destination, consider factors such as weather, sailing conditions, distances between islands, cultural attractions, and the type of activities you enjoy. The US and British Virgin Islands remain a favorite amongst many for it’s pristine waters, proximity between islands, and easy access for many. Our Yachtisea team is well-equipped to discuss your many options!

What is the difference between a bareboat charter and a crewed charter?

A bareboat charter is for those who can operate the yacht independently. You, or someone in your group, will need to have sailing experience and the necessary qualifications to charter the yacht on your own. A crewed yacht charter provides a full-service experience with a professional crew handling all of the navigation, sailing, and typically provide all meals and drinks.

How many people can go on a charter?

The number of people per charter is dependent upon the size and capacity of the specific yacht. The most common number of guests we book range from 6 to 8 guests.

How long do most people book their charter for?

A week (7 nights, 8 days) is the most common. You can book longer or less; however most yachts have a minimum night policy especially during peak season.

How much should we plan on tipping the crew?

This will depend on where you charter. For Caribbean-crewed yachts, tips are typically 15 – 20% of the charter fee. For Mediterranean-crewed yachts and most other destinations, crew gratuity will range 10 – 20% of the charter fee. You can hand your cash tips to your captain on the last morning of your charter prior to your departure from the yacht.

Who does the food and drink planning for our crewed charter?

In the weeks prior to your trip, you will receive a preference sheet from the crew where you can specify any likes, dislikes, foods you prefer to avoid and true food allergies. Each yacht has a stocked bar which includes the typical beverage portfolio (beer, wine, soda, water, mid-shelf liquor). The captain will always try to accommodate special requests above and beyond, but plan on being asked to compensate for the difference in cost.